Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,

I am enthusiastic to say welcome to you to this prestigious 2020 World Critical Care And Anesthesiology Conference (2020WCAC). This event is sparkled with star participants like yourselves and I am entirely confident that it shall be a giant stride in our current and future care.

The programme will feature streams with a wide variety of topics, taking into consideration our conference theme, ‘Thought Provoking Solutions to Improve the Crisis of Critical Care”

You all are contributing to success of this remarkable gathering with wealth of knowledge and experience. This event shall go far and touch the skies. This shall invoke like-minded, enthusiastic health care professionals all over the globe.

Critical care and anesthesiology are the pivot to in this modern and challenging atmosphere of in-patient care in all well-established health care institutions. We hold the candle of hope for patients and their families. All the sub-specialties look up to critical care services and consider us astute health care professionals.

More so, the need compels us to be more resilient and to stay up to date. There are knowledge gaps in this fabulous arena of patient care. Here we are, representing all over the world with diverse clinical set ups to share the care and propagate the progress.

Welcome all my dear respectable participants to 2020WCAC, Bangkok


Mohammed Naeem OCM 2020WCAC

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Mohammed Naeem Chair,
PICU Research Group Chair,
2020WCAC, Bangkok